200 words,2 refernces APA format 1.For your 1st post, select

200 words,2 refernces APA format 

1.For your 1st post, select a business with which you are familiar and explain whether or not you think they need a “new economy” strategy. Be sure to support your position from the text and/or other resources.

2.For your 2nd original post, explain what the characteristics of the market are that would contribute to the success of strategies to move a firm’s products from “brick and mortar” to the “new economy” of virtual e-commerce. 

3.For your first original post, describe the market strategy planning process.

4.For your next original post, describe the specific things that impacted you the most in this course that you may have already applied in your daily life routines.

5.  Using specific historical and contemporary examples, discuss the positive and negative consequences of technology, including the “unintended consequences” of technological progress. 

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