Allstate’s Good Hands Approach to Talent Management

Strategy-Driven Talent Management: A Leadership Imperative Please note: You are required to review only the chapter that pertains to your Group Project this week.

Chapter 18, “Allstate’s ‘Good Hands’ Approach to Talent Management: An Interview With Ed Liddy and Joan Crockett” Each group will be responsible for a different organization and will be challenged not only to demonstrate an understanding of the executive’s perspective based on the interview but also to critique the contents, based on what has been learned in this course. This will be done through supporting rationale or alternative points of view published in scholarly resources.

Through your Group Project and continued discussions with your colleagues, best practices should emerge for designing an effective talent management initiative that is consistent with the organization’s strategy, thus ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage. Your Group Project will be a PowerPoint presentation of 10-15 slides that includes all of the elements listed below: . Particular steps in how the organization might strategically align its initiative with best practices

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