Begin by watching the 36-minute documentary Keep the Hives Alive located at: prepare a 3-page reflective essay in the style of an APA 7th Edition student paper (that is, 3 Nursing Assignment Help

Begin by watching the 36-minute documentary Keep the Hives Alive located at:

prepare a 3-page reflective essay in the style of an APA 7thEdition student paper (that is, 3 pages not including the title page or the reference list) reflectingon their personal opinion of the content of the documentary, and offering workable solutions tothe problems brought forth. Half a page under or over the page limit is acceptable. The essayshould be submitted in Word or pdf format to the appropriate Assignments folder on UM Learn. 

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In response to the assigned task, I will formulate an introduction and provide an answer in accordance with the given content.

In the assigned task, students are required to watch the documentary “Keep the Hives Alive” and write a reflective essay expressing their personal opinion on the content of the documentary. Additionally, they are expected to propose workable solutions to the problems highlighted in the film. The essay must adhere to the guidelines of the APA 7th Edition format, with a minimum of 3 pages (excluding the title page and reference list).

The documentary “Keep the Hives Alive” sheds light on important issues regarding the continuous decline of honeybee populations and the repercussions it has on both the environment and human life. As I watched the documentary, I was struck by the alarming statistics presented, and it deepened my understanding of the urgent need for action.

One key concern highlighted in the film is the significant role that pesticides play in the decline of honeybee colonies. The documentary emphasized the harmful effects of neonicotinoids, a class of systemic insecticides commonly used in agriculture. These pesticides not only directly harm the bees, but they also contaminate the nectar and pollen that bees rely on for survival, exacerbating their vulnerability.

To address this issue, it is crucial that stricter regulations are put in place regarding the usage of neonicotinoids and other harmful pesticides. Governments should collaborate with environmental organizations and agricultural agencies to develop and enforce policies that encourage the use of alternative pest control methods, such as integrated pest management strategies. Additionally, promoting organic farming practices that eliminate the use of synthetic pesticides can significantly contribute to protecting honeybees and their habitats.

Furthermore, a key point raised in the documentary is the importance of diversifying the agricultural landscape. Monocultures, which involve cultivating vast areas with a single crop, leave honeybees with limited foraging options and expose them to a higher risk of malnutrition and disease. Encouraging farmers to adopt agroforestry techniques, where crops are integrated with trees and other perennial plants, can provide a diverse range of resources for honeybees throughout the year. This can include different flowering plants that offer nectar and pollen, as well as nesting sites and shelter.

Another aspect that resonated with me was the significance of educational campaigns and public awareness in addressing the issue. Communication and collaboration between beekeepers, scientists, farmers, and the general public are essential in promoting bee-friendly practices and raising awareness about the importance of honeybees to our ecosystems. Educational programs at schools and community organizations can help instill a sense of responsibility towards protecting these vital pollinators and encourage the adoption of sustainable practices both at an individual and collective level.

In conclusion, the documentary “Keep the Hives Alive” successfully brings attention to the decline of honeybee populations and its wide-ranging implications. Addressing this issue requires a multi-faceted approach, including stricter regulations on harmful pesticides, promoting sustainable farming practices, and enhancing public awareness. By implementing these measures, we can strive towards safeguarding honeybees and ensuring the continuity of their vital role in the ecosystem.

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