Capstone Project


In this task, you will create the remaining chapters of your final capstone written report. Chapters one and two were created and evaluated as part of your field experience. In this task, you will create chapters three, four, and five, as well as an abstract for your entire report.

Your report should include the following items in the following order: the abstract you will write at the end of this task; a table of contents; chapters one and two, which you wrote for task two of the field experience; and chapters three, four, and five, which will be written as part of this task. Chapters one and two will not be reevaluated, but they will need to be submitted as part of the completed capstone report.


Chapter Three: Implementation

Project Launch

A.  Evaluate how you implemented your capstone project by doing the following:

1.  Describe the actual steps taken to implement your capstone project.

2.  Discuss any changes that occurred to the original implementation plan during this process.

3.  Discuss any barriers associated with the implementation of your capstone project.

a. Explain how you overcame the barriers discussed in part A3.


B.  Identify trans professional relationships that promoted implementation of your capstone project.

1.  Discuss how the relationships identified in part B facilitated the implementation of your project.

Chapter Four: Post-Capstone Project Considerations


C.  Discuss the most successful aspects of your capstone project.

1.  Explain how the successes of your project can help to inform future projects.


D.  Discuss aspects of your project that did not go as well as anticipated.

1.  Explain how an understanding of what did not go well can help to inform future projects.

E.  Explain how your capstone project bridged the gap between evidence and current practice.

Organizational Sustainability

F.  Discuss the organization’s plan to support the post-implementation of the capstone project, including plans for short- and long-term maintenance.

G.  Discuss the resources needed for post-implementation support.

Chapter Five: Reflection

H.  How you integrated two MSN program outcomes into your capstone project.

I.  Submit your completed capstone report, including the abstract and chapters 1–5.


J.  Create an abstract for your capstone project by summarizing the following:

1.  Problem identification

2.  Plan for addressing the problem under investigation

3.  Implementation process

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