Cellular Phone Interdiction Plan (Correctional Administration)

 Assignment You are the Director of Security at a maximum security correctional institution. During the past six months numerous cellular telephones have been confiscated from inmates in the institution. The Warden has directed that you develop an interdiction plan to address the introduction of dangerous contraband, with special emphasis on cellular phones. The plan is to be a PowerPoint presentation which will be presented to the Commissioner of Correction. The following areas must be addressed in the presentation. 1. A discussion of the security issues that exist if inmates have access to cellular phones. 2. An explanation of the methods employed by inmates to introduce cellular phones into the institution. 3. Identify how the proposed interdiction plan will target each of the identified methods of introduction of contraband. 4. Identify any potential budget impacts involved with the proposed plan (actual budget costs are not required for this presentation, however, the identification of any items which will have an impact upon the budget should be included e.g. Five additional Correction Officers are required to conduct searches. Not. Five additional correction officers at a cost of $40,000 each will be required to conduct searches) 5. Identify the stakeholders. What involvement, if any, should they have in the implementation of the project? 6. Will the implementation of the plan have an impact upon employees? If so, what is the impact?

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