Culture and Social Change

Writing Assignment Directions After you have completed your research into folk rock, acid rock, and the music of social protest, submit your responses to the following questions. Explain the balance rock seems to strike between popular culture and a voice for social change. Cite examples from your research. Do you think rock will always be defined by its relationship to the drug culture? Jazz also had a clear association with drugs, particularly during the bebop period, which is now the central style of the jazz mainstream. Do you think rock will do the same? Which side of the rock tradition do you think will be most lasting–the voice of popular culture or the voice of social commentary? Can rock mature as classical music as if it continues to be controversial? Cite your sources. Your essay should be minimum of 300 words and written in a formal style with indented paragraphs, spaces between paragraphs, and a list of sources used in a formal bibliographic style such as The Chicago Manual of Style to avoid losing points.

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