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Enchanted Wisdom: Enduring Ideas of World Religions, Eric Bronson so

Enchanted Wisdom: Enduring Ideas of World Religions, Eric Bronson

so the homework is two parts:

1- In the Hindu Bhagavad Gita, we are told how to be “free from longing, indifferent to ‘me’ and ‘mine…” (p. 21). In the Hindu and Yoruba stories, how do music and dance help free us from our everyday egotistical longings? What happens to you when you listen to music?

2- then discussing another student writing ill send you the student topic when youre done.

requiremnts are here

3. Be specific. Cite individual lines from readings, or minute marks from our audio/visual clips. When discussing yourself, describe concrete examples or experiences. For example, don’t write, “Selfish behavior makes me angry.” Instead, describe a particular time when someone’s specific action made you angry, in what way, and why. If describing loving emotions in a film clip, describe the character’s facial expressions and body language to show that they are in love.

4. Cover as much of our readings and audio/visual texts as you are able. Remember, it’s expected that all students are putting in a minimum of 5-6 hrs. per week into their writing. The level of specificity and depth should reflect that time commitment.

5. These critical writing assignments are less formal. You should work quickly, writing the ways you speak. Pay some attention to grammar and punctuation but don’t beat yourself up over mistakes. Think of it more as an ongoing conversation. If you don’t like what you submit, keep submitting more until you are satisfied (and never be satisfied).

6. Be respectful of everyone. Disagreements are academically healthy and promote others to think more critically about their own beliefs. Question ideas without criticizing or belittling each other. In each tutorial we’re all different, but we’re also all on the same Humanities York team. One way to support each other is to help us think deeper about the things we care about most.

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