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FIRST, go to the “Media Gallery” and view the following

FIRST, go to the “Media Gallery” and view the following four poems (you’ll need to scroll to nearly the end of the list or search for them by title in the gallery search box): 1. “Can We Autocorrect Humanity?”; 2. “Touchscreen”; 3. “Look Up”; and 4. “Why I Hate Social Media” plus the following song: 5. “Scare Away the Dark” by Passenger and 6. a show clip from Portlandia titled “Social Bankruptcy”

THEN, let your CRITICAL RESPONSE be a highly interconnected discussion of all SIX works above. DO NOT SEPARATE THEM; DO NOT ADDRESS EACH WORK IN ISOLATION! With that said, you need not worry about giving equal treatment to each work; rather, let your discussion be organic in nature, as you let the various POINTS you wish to make lead the way! 

NOTE: If you ever encounter a difficulty accessing videos in the Canvas Media Gallery, simply search the titles of videos in YouTube where you will also find them (I get all of the videos I upload in Canvas from YouTube).

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