Founder of L.A. Charter School Network to Plead Guilty to Conspiracy

Fraud Waste and Abuse FWA Report Assignment Format MS Word – cannot be PDF – penalty if PDF or any format other than MS Word Separate cover page Include 3-4 pages of content (not including cover page or references) One page for sources – must have two separate sources Include page numbers and headers Must be well-written – free of grammatical, typographical, and other errors Single spaced and double spaced between paragraphs Content List a very recent (since January 2017) instance of fraud, waste, or abuse in a federal agency. This cannot be an older fraud (e.g., from 2011) or fraud that are already in the class slides (the GSA conference scandal) Summarize the issue, what led to the issue occurring. Determine if the issue is fraud, waste or abuse, and list the reason that the issue is an instance of fraud, waste and abuse. The paper should identify the steps the agency took to identify the fraud, waste or abuse Delineate steps you recommend the agency should take to avoid the issue in the future (e.g., improve specific internal controls)

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