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HCS 335 UOPX Opioid Crisis Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

Public health issues can change over time. As a health care manager, it is important to understand and take action to address current public health issues. This assignment gives you the opportunity to research current public health topics and recommend socially responsible action.

select a current public health topic, such as:

  • Opioid crisis
  • Create a 4 to 5 to-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for the board of directors to discuss your selected public health topic and the social responsibility of managers and organizations. Your team’s presentation should:
  • Recommend 5 strategies managers and organizations could use to be more socially responsible in trying to correct the legal and ethical issues related to the topic.
  • Provide a brief description of each strategy..

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As a medical professor in charge of creating college assignments and evaluations for medical college students, I understand the significance of research and the importance of addressing current public health issues. This assignment focuses on examining a current public health topic and offering socially responsible actions to combat the associated legal and ethical issues. In this particular case, the chosen topic is the opioid crisis. The aim is to create a 4 to 5-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for the board of directors, discussing the selected topic and the social responsibility of managers and organizations. Additionally, the presentation should provide recommendations for strategies that managers and organizations can employ to be more socially responsible in addressing the legal and ethical challenges related to the opioid crisis.

Slide 1: Introduction
– Provide a brief introduction to the opioid crisis, highlighting its impact on public health and the significant legal and ethical concerns surrounding it.
– Emphasize the need for managers and organizations to take a socially responsible approach in addressing this crisis.

Slide 2: Strategy 1 – Education and Awareness
– One of the key strategies for managers and organizations to be socially responsible regarding the opioid crisis is to focus on education and awareness.
– Provide a brief description of how managers can promote education and awareness among healthcare professionals, patients, and the general public.
– Explain the importance of educating individuals about the risks, proper use, and alternatives to opioids.

Slide 3: Strategy 2 – Guidelines and Protocols
– Another effective strategy for managers and organizations to be socially responsible is to develop and implement clear guidelines and protocols.
– Describe how managers can establish guidelines for appropriate opioid prescribing, monitoring, and disposal.
– Emphasize the importance of promoting responsible opioid use and avoiding unnecessary prescriptions.

Slide 4: Strategy 3 – Collaboration and Partnerships
– Managers and organizations can enhance their social responsibility by creating collaborations and partnerships with various stakeholders.
– Describe the importance of forming partnerships with government agencies, healthcare providers, addiction treatment centers, and community organizations.
– Explain how these collaborations can lead to comprehensive solutions and better support for individuals affected by the opioid crisis.

Slide 5: Strategy 4 – Access to Alternative Pain Management
– A socially responsible approach to the opioid crisis involves ensuring access to alternative pain management options.
– Discuss the significance of promoting and investing in non-opioid pain management techniques, such as physical therapy, acupuncture, and psychological interventions.
– Explain how managers and organizations can assess and improve the availability and affordability of these alternatives.

Slide 6: Strategy 5 – Support and Treatment for Addiction
– Lastly, managers and organizations must prioritize providing support and treatment options for individuals struggling with opioid addiction.
– Describe the importance of offering resources, such as counseling, rehabilitation programs, and medication-assisted treatment.
– Emphasize the need for managers to create a supportive and stigma-free environment for individuals seeking help.

In conclusion, addressing the legal and ethical issues related to the opioid crisis requires a socially responsible approach from managers and organizations. The recommended strategies include education and awareness, guidelines and protocols, collaboration and partnerships, access to alternative pain management, and support and treatment for addiction. By implementing these strategies, managers and organizations can play a crucial role in combating the opioid crisis and ensuring the well-being of individuals affected by it.

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