Impacts of Energy Developments on the Texas Transportation System

 Apart from the urban areas, the rural areas of Texas also face pressure in the transportation sector especially due to the rising production of oil and gas, which also cause much more damage to roads because of heavy loads. The state produces about a third of the natural gas in the United States and another 19% of the oil produced in the country. Additionally, Texas is currently the country’s top producer of wind energy. With these developments in the energy sector, the transportation system in Texas faces significant pressure and demand. For example, the gas and oil production requires the movement of heavy equipment or machinery and water to the sites (Prozzi, Grebenschikov, Banerjee & Prozzi, 2011). Such movements have led to increased concerns regarding the damaged caused by the heavy trucks on roads. The same is being experienced in areas with wind farms such as in the Texas Panhandle, which have seen a rise in heavy truck traffic. Therefore, improvements should be done to address these impacts and ensure that future transportation is secured. What improvements can be made to address Texas’ needs? Reference: Prozzi, J., Grebenschikov, S., Banerjee, A. & Prozzi, J. (2011). Impacts of Energy Developments on the Texas Transportation System Infrastructure. Retrieved from

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