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Modern contemporary artist, Kaws and Invader.


This paper is about two modern contemporary artist, Kaws and Invader. In this long in depth paper you will go over each artist, including their background, childhood, where they grew up, school, previous jobs, how they got into street art, and finally compare and contrast the two artist. Using photos of their artworks is fine but please use footnotes in that case! How do any of their artworks relate to society, history, or political issues? Answer these questions and give your insight on how they relate to these themes. Some books that mention a lot on this topic are noted below if youd like to take a look at them I wrote them below: Herschel Chipp, THEORIES OF MODERN ART Lucy Lippard, MIXED BLESSINGS Ben Shahn, THE SHAPE OF CONTENT

#Modern #contemporary #artist #Kaws #Invader

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