Parasite Control and Management Plan

Assessment 3 – Parasite Control and Management Plan Weight 25% of module marks (5 credits of 20 credit module) Background and learning outcomes assessed Evidence based practice, centred on current research is vital in securing good health and welfare of horses in the short and long term. This assessment addresses the following module learning outcome: Review current research on equine health and welfare issues and construct evidence based management plans to address these issues. Requirements You are required to produce a 1500 word maximum (excluding reference list, tables and figures) evidence based management plan for the control of endoparasites in horses in a selected type of establishment. You may choose from the following types of equine establishment: o A racing yard o A livery yard o A stud farm o A rescue and rehoming centre Your management plan must be produced using the template provided on Blackboard, and include: • A brief introduction which should justify the control of equine endoparasites and value of management plans for this (Suggested length of section approx. 300 words) • A management plan using the template provided, which includes key management plan components/actions and justification for each. These proposed components/actions should be detailed enough to include specific methods/steps in control, timings of administration/implementation of components and techniques for monitoring their success. The scientific basis for all components/actions should be included. Supporting evidence (references) for all elements of your plan should be from primary literature (journal articles) and reports published by credible scientific/veterinary organisations. Do not rely on websites. Textbooks may be used to reference basic information on the topic. (Suggested length of section approx. 1000 words)

• A brief concluding statement to include how you will know if your control/management plan is successful and any points for future consideration or evaluation (Suggested length of section approx. 200 words) • A Harvard style reference list. If you wish to include Tables or Figures to illustrate your evidence, please insert them, clearly labelled, at the end of the template document, and refer to each one within your main text (e.g. see Figure 1 or see Table 1). To help you when constructing your plan, imagine that it will be given to the manager of the establishment to use. It should be clear enough to be used in practice, along with the scientific explanations as to why. Please do not put your name on your plan as this work will be marked anonymously. 

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