Project 2 — ABC Networking: One of the newest and fastest growing Web

Project 2 — ABC Networking: One of the newest and fastest growing Web site categories is social networking sites.

A social networking site allows members to post profiles about themselves (e.g., a photo, professional interests, hobbies). Next the member connects with other member’s profiles and, once a connection is made, they can then view profiles of their new friend’s friends. Quickly, their social network grows in an assumption that “a friend of a friend is a friend of mine”. Originally created for social networking (e.g., online chats, sharing information, organizing activities), today networking sites are also being used for dating and business networking. Web Network, Inc. has been incorporated by owners as a part-time business they intend to run from their home.

They are fascinated about the idea of using the Web to network people and they are open to suggestions about this — social network, business network, dating network, or all three? However, their main focus is to create a dating network that only focuses on high end professionals (people are serious, with a college degree and a handsome income, aiming for a long term relationship). Should they go local, national , or global? The owners aren’t in this for the money, but they do want the site to break even or turn a small profit within five years. Your responsibility is to recommend a strategy they can use to fulfill their goals.

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