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Risk-Benefit Analysis of a Controversial Intervention

Double space 4 pages cover page and reference 2-3

Risk-Benefit Analysis of a Controversial Intervention

Consider this scenario: The principal of a local school learned about a facility in Massachusetts that uses an electric shock device as a behavior control procedure. For more information on this device, review the Linscheid et al. article. The principal has requested that parents of one of her school’s students allow this procedure as an intervention to stop the student’s elopement and the aggressive behaviors that have caused injuries, including lacerations and a broken finger, to two teachers. The parents contacted you to seek advice on this matter. You conduct a review of the file and discover a functional behavior assessment has been conducted by a BCaBA on these behaviors, but it appears the BCaBA conducted this assessment without the oversight of a BCBA. Also, records indicate some of the previous treatments used to address these problem behaviors included sensory integration therapy and facilitated communication. For this assignment, complete the following: Consider Bailey and Burch’s risk-benefit analysis model. Recreate and use the this worksheet to outline the risks and benefits of this procedure. Analyze at least five relevant BACB ethical code elements that are relevant to this procedure. Prepare a formal letter to the parents with your recommendations. Include a copy of the worksheet you used with your notes to conduct the risk-benefit analysis. Other Assignment Requirements

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