Samsung case study

Make sure to relate these 2 articles to the case study, Here is what should be included: 1) Identify your role. Place yourself inside the case – think like a participant. 2) Identify the problem. You cannot find a solution unless you know the problem. Once you have determined what the problem is, you are well on your way to identifying a reasonable solution. Some cases involve more than one problem. But the problems are usually related. When trying to determine the problem, avoid getting hung up on symptoms. Zero in on the problem. Make sure you explicitly articulate the problem. Writing down a problem statement gives you (and me) a reference point to turn to as you proceed through the case analysis. Make sure your recommendation actually addresses the problem you have identified. 3) Conduct an analysis using the relevant theoretical tools from course readings. Pay careful attention to the readings assigned the week the case is due as usually the case relates most closely to those readings. Test your assumptions through these tools. 4) Propose Alternative Solutions It is important to remember that there is rarely one right answer or one best way. Therefore, it is helpful to consider several different solutions. At least two alternatives to your ultimate recommendation. 5) Make Recommendations The basic aim of case analysis is to find solutions. Your work is not complete until you have recommended a course of action. The task is to make a set of recommendations that your analysis supports. Describe exactly what needs to be done. Explain why this course of action will solve the problem. The recommendation should also include suggestions for how best to implement the proposed solution. The solution you propose must solve the problem you identified. This point cannot be overemphasized. Make a logical argument that shows how the problem led to the analysis and how the analysis led to the recommendations you are proposing. Remember, an analysis is not an end in itself; it is useful only if it leads to a solution

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