SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT ASSESSMENT PAPER ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS People are influenced by their environment. Through environmental exposure, people

People are influenced by their environment. Through environmental exposure, people form
worldviews, thought processes, and ways of interacting with others. For this assignment, you
will need to identify and research local and state databases to identify the needs in your
community environment. This may help you gain an understanding of how your environment
influences you and how the environment could impact your future potential clients. Develop a 4-
6 page paper (not including the title page and references) that includes the information noted
First: Provide a detailed overview of the community demographics including factors such as
population, racial makeup, crime rate, income levels, etc. What are the most important things to
know about your city? Are there any interesting facts? Also discuss why it is important for social
workers to be knowledgeable of their communities.
Second: Evaluate the community where you live in two of the categories listed below. Identify
the strengths (things your area may be doing well to address the issue) and needs (why is it an
issue, what are the stats, what is its impact on the community) associated with both categories.
Data and factual information should be provided to support need. Select two categories from
the list of social issues below:
Medical care/facilities and services
Mental health services
Homelessness rate (adults, children, families)
Substance abuse
School systems
Environmental Issues
Third: Discuss where social workers are employed in your community. Consider settings such
as schools, hospitals, prisons, detention facilities, nursing homes, social service agencies,
afterschool programs, Head Start, Veteran’s services, mental health agencies, etc. Name specific
places. For instance, Freedom 424, an anti-trafficking organization in Forest, VA. employs
social workers. Saying an anti-trafficking organization would not be enough information.

At least 3 community/environment or government websites, databases, etc. should be cited, for a
minimum of 3 sources. There is not a maximum number of sources. Please follow the
instructions carefully, use the template provided, and use current APA format.

paper as a Word document; PDFs cannot be graded.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


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Social Environment Assessment Paper: City, State
APA formatting requires double spacing and 1-inch margins. The title of your paper goes
on the top line. It should be centered, bolded, and in title case. You will then write an
introductory paragraph. You will not use the heading “Introduction”. The introductory
paragraph should identify your community and provide a basic overview, as well as anything
that may stand out. Is the community famous for anything? Also discuss why it is important for
social workers to be aware of their environment/community and how it may inform their social
work practice. The introductory paragraph contains a thesis sentence. This sentence gives the
reader an idea of what to expect when reading the paper. It is often the last sentence of the

Environment/Community Overview

In this section, discuss general findings of your community. What is the general
population, racial makeup, income level, etc.? Is it urban, rural, suburban? What is the city
known for, etc.? Do you like living there and how would you describe the area?

Identified Needs
Based upon all of the information gathered, discuss the two selected areas and why there
are needs in those areas. What are the statistics, related outcomes, and impact upon the
individuals and community? Are there large gaps in services for any particular population? Are
there any non-existent services? If so, where do individuals go to get the help they need? How
involved are faith based organizations?

Identified Resources
What is your community doing to meet the needs? Discuss the community strengths
related to the identified issues, and overall. For example, what kind of resources are in place for
the impoverished, mentally ill, handicapped, etc.? Are there faith based organizations that
provide assistance? What is your community doing well?

Where Social Workers Work
Discuss where social workers are employed in your community. Identify specific places
where social workers are employed. Do you know any other social workers in your area? If so,
what is the general sentiment regarding the profession, employment opportunities, and available
services. Where do you see yourself working?

Reference in APA style

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