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Description Essay Question Concern with ethics and codes of ethics has been at the heart of the development of the caring professions (Hugman, 2003) Do you agree or disagree with Hugman’s statement on the importance of codes of ethics for the social professions. When constructing your answer consider how two social professions manage ‘ethics’ in regards to policy and practice. (1700 words) Reflection on Group Presentation How has your understanding of the social professions developed by engaging with the task of preparing and delivering a presentation and through your wider participation in module SP311. In drafting a brief answer reflect on what you have learned about the social professions and the relationship of the social professions to social policy. Any thoughts on personal learning gained by working with a group to prepare and deliver a presentation. (300 words) my presentation was on Social work Instructions Use Social Work and Community work as my two professions in my essay Size 12 Times new roman Page numbers 1.5 spaced

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