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Socio-Linguistic Analysis: Can you write about interviewing Americans

Can you write about interviewing Americans with a foreigner? Language and communication are constantly evolving…and you’re a big part of that change.

In this assignment, you are going to analyze three different aspects of communication—written communication, spoken communication and nonverbal communication—and look at how culture influences these three forms of communication in your life.

You can either use the same cultural framework for each aspect of communication or you can choose a different cultural framework for each aspect of communication. An example of a single cultural framework forecast would be the following:

Examine how power distance is present in my emails at work. Look at how power distance influences my conversation with my family members. Finally, discuss how power distance is shown via nonverbal communication in a recent job interview.


This paper will need an introduction in which you state your thesis and forecast. Your introduction should state why you chose to analyze the features in your paper. What sparked your interest? The thesis should include the specific cultural framework(s) as well as the specific features of communication you will be analyzing for written, spoken and nonverbal communication. The forecast will state the order of how you will go about supporting your thesis. The body of your paper will be divided into three main sections: written communication, spoken communication, and nonverbal communication. Each section should have a topic sentence that states what you will be discussing in that section. Finally, you will include a conclusion that states what you have learned from this assignment. As always, please cite your sources!

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