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Technology Futures and Business Strategy

Technology Futures and Business Strategy: Project objectives & Cost analysis 

**FULL DETAILS IN THE PROVIDED DOCUMENTS** Your task is to prepare the essential information to make an application for a funding opportunity. The information required from your task is (broken down into four stages): 1. An assessment of the technology future in the medium term (5 – 20 years). 2. Identify and describe emerging market opportunities, taking into account local factors such as regulations, policies, or other socio-economic or environmental constraints 3. Outline the main objectives and work packages of your project. 4. Provide a (very rough) estimate of the project costs and benefits/income over the next 5 – 20 years. We have completed points 1 & 2 and have reached stages 3 & 4 of the projects, the group has agreed to choose the recycling of lithium-ion batteries as its main focus moving on, we are required to list down the project objectives. The points to be addressed and discussed are the following: • The usage of lithium-ion batteries • Lithium-ion battery waste and how is it managed • Recycling lithium-ion batteries and the most feasible ways • Lithium-ion battery waste collection • Methodology on how to recycle lithium-ion batteries. • Collection of used lithium-ion batteries • Recycling methods and resources • Selling recycled lithium-ion batteries back to the market Following that, we are required to provide a very rough estimate of the project costs and benefits/income over the next 5-20 years.

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