The Lewis and Clark Expedition (construct a strong title)

1) An argumentative thesis on the Lewis and Clark expedition (please come up and construct a scholarly thesis to the Lewis and Clark expedition) . *** AVOID SUMMARY, AVOID INSINUATIONS/non-historical opinions, this paper has to be factual, chronological, historically accurate, and demonstrates a strong argumentative thesis with the use of all documents listed below as end notes and is identical to the citations and bibliography page of the Hand Book of Historians by John W. Langdon. **** Avoid also titles per paragraph, the paragraphs must be lengthy, provide evidence to best support the thesis (the writer decided a suitable thesis for this Lewis and Clark Expedition paper).

2) The only acceptable online sources are previously-published articles found via JSTOR, and the letters : Jefferson to Lewis (1803) and Lewis to Jefferson (1805). 3) Cite at least (4-5) primary sources and (5-6) secondary sources (e.g the following books: Stephen E. Ambrose’s Undaunted Courage, Letters and Notes on the North American Indians by George Caitlin, History of the Expedition of Lewis and Clark by Elliott Coues, The Journals of Lewis and Clark Expedition by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, and Lewis and Clark among the Indians Book by James P. Ronda, and The Essential Lewis and Clark Book by Landon Jones

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