The relationship between John and ELizabeth Proctor in Act II of the

 At least 950 words that explains the relationship between John and ELizabeth Proctor in Act II of the Crucible and how Elizabeth helps John to change. Example thesis: While John Proctor begins the play as an ordinary sinner paralyzed by guilt, his wife Elizabeth helps him to confront his feelings, forgive himself for his past mistakes, and stand up for his beliefs by tragically sacrificing himself to protect his family and his community. Use quotations from the text, at least 2 from Act I. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence about John’s development. Introduction: Mention time and place and witch-hunts. Maybe start with a quote that sets up the play as a whole. Get the reader used to the sound of your voice. Set up the thesis. Body paragraph 1: John Proctor’s early stage as ambivalent, confused, and unable to face his own feelings. Discuss his strong sexual attraction to Abigail (page 22). Quote: “…clutched my back and sweated like a stallion” Body paragraph 2: John Proctor’s conflict with Elizabeth over responsibility, commitment, or obligation. Quote pages 61-62 and explain quote and then how the quote proves the topic sentence or assertion about this stage in JOhn Proctor’s development. Body paragraph 3: John Proctor’s realization, “There is a promise in such sweat” page 110. Refer back to page 22 to explain sweat (Abby) and 61-62 to explain promise (Elizabeth). John becomes responsible/heroic. Body paragraph 4: How does John develop in acts 3 and 4? How does he contrast to Danforth and/or Hale? How does his transformation relate to the idea of the opposite of judging – tolerance or forgiveness? Conclusion: Why is John’s transformation significant? What does he learn about judging or love or self-forgiveness? Don’t argue that Proctor’s confidence or certainty is significant in itself since Hale becomes confused and uncertain, but like John Proctor is admirable at the end.

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