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There will be times when a social worker is presented

 There will be times when a social worker is presented with a case where they are not familiar with the surrounding psychosocial issues. Because social workers are on a continual journey in learning, it is important to read pertinent literature. This Discussion provides an opportunity to visit the Walden University Library or from scholarly articles and strengthen your skills in identifying and locating an empirical research article. 

  • Post the APA-style reference for the article you found in the library/scholarly articles.
  • Describe four specific psychosocial factors that should be taken into account in order to understand the psychosocial context when working with the group you selected. Be sure to follow these requirements:
    • Two factors you describe should be psychologically related
    • Two factors you describe should be socially related
  • Identify and explain how you would apply a psychosocial intervention that addresses one of the four specific psychosocial factors you described above.
  • Identify one advantage of using a psychosocial framework in social work practice with the group you chose.

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