Topic: We are establishing new venture for helping new international

Topic: We are establishing new venture for  helping new international immigrant students to get settled in overseas.

We need a three year business plan which will include variable cost and fixed cost . Please include numbers data.

A potential investor will want to know that your group has fully budgeted all its capital needs, and has a revenue model that will eventually generate profits.  

 The potential investor will be looking for you to address the following questions:

  How much capital will you need to get the business to Time 0, the day the business opens for business?

  What are the major items of expenditure (market research, product development, promotion, capital equipment, salaries, premises costs)? Explain or justify your estimates.

  Over what period will the business be spending capital before it starts to generate revenue?

  Explain your key assumptions regarding the volume and value of sales (number of customers, units, market share, key milestones, or events) until the business breaks even?

  How many months of operations until sales reach the breakeven point?

I am including our previous assignment so if you wanna refer please do that .

PPT should be 8-10 slides and also if you can make a data so that I understand 


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