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WATCH VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c76CvSgZHS4 Assume you are the worker in this


  1. Assume you are the worker in this scenario. The boss says you are performing as expected. Answer each question and explain your response. 
    1. Are you encouraged?
    2. Do you feel appreciated?
    3. Do you know where you stand with this boss and with the company?
    4. Do you think your boss knows exactly what you contribute?
    5. Are you inspired to keep “showing up on time” and “doing a good job”?
  2. The moral of this scenario is: “Good leaders know that encouragement is not a task or a quota to meet.” Reframe this scenario. Describe how you would handle this brief meeting to encourage your worker. 
  3. Janes Kouzes and Barry Posner have written many books on leadership. They say, “There are few more basic needs than to be noticed, recognized, and appreciated for your efforts.” Provide your interpretation of this quote relative to what you see demonstrated in the video.
  4. What is your main takeaway or the most important point you learned from this video that relates to your own leadership development?

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