Write a proposal for a research project that you intend

 Write a proposal for a research project that you intend to do. Your proposal should be between 5 (minimum) and 8 (maximum) pages long on an A4-size paper. 

Your proposal MUST contain the following items. 

1. Proposed Title [5 marks] 

2. Background / Introduction of the Study [15 marks] 

3. Problem Statement / Research Problem(s) [20 marks] 

4. Research Objective(s) [15 marks] 

5. Research Questions [15 marks] 

6. Significance of the Study [20 marks] 

7. Organisation of the Dissertation / Final Project [5 marks] 

8. Summary [5 marks] 

x`NOTE: It is best that you select a topic and area that you intend to do for your Final Project so that you do not waste too much time when you enroll in your Project course. Put enough thought into the topic of your choice to ensure that it is doable. 

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