write about either the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (Quebec) on

For the first writing assignment, I would like you to choose one of three important early events in American history to learn more about. Those events? Choose to write about either the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (Quebec) on September 13th, 1759; OR tell me the story of Joseph Brant (Mohawk leader who recruited other Iroquois and Loyalist fighters to fight for Great Britain in the Revolutionary War); OR tell me the details of the infamous “Sullivan Expedition” ordered by General Washington to attack and annihilate Iroquois villages in 1779. Regardless of topic, you must address each of the following in your paper: The background of the event/person (what was happening in North America at the time the event occurred, or in the case of Brant, how did he get to be in the position he did as an important volunteer for the British army). This includes telling me why you think the event happened (what was the goal?), or in the case of Brant what he hoped to gain by aligning with the British. There should be some decent detail in this background section of the paper. The major moments in the event itself, from first to last. Best approaching this chronologically, I don’t need to know all the moments of the event (or in that person’s life), but I do need to know about the major ones (a brief reading of the story you choose should reveal to you which moments are important ones that should be discussed in your paper). What happened, and what impact did they have on the event/person’s story itself. Finally, you should be describing how the event ended (for Brant, what happened to him after the war ended?), and why he/it was an important event/person in the history of North America/the United States. This is the most important part of the paper as you analyze what transpired and try to give me an understanding of not only why things went the way they did, but also why the event/person is an important one in history.

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