Write an essay examining one of the poems in the packet through the

Write an essay examining one of the poems in the packet through the lens of Elizabeth Bishop’s “Questions of Travel.” For example, you might discuss whether or how the poem answers Bishop’s questions. Or perhaps the poem extends some of Bishop’s observations to modern situations or sensibilities. Or maybe the poem suggests questions of travel that Bishop’s poem doesn’t. This essay will have a thesis saying what the two poems together suggest about travel, or saying how Bishop’s poem offers insight into the other poem. As with option one, think about what the two poems say together that neither could say separately.

Required sources 

  • The poem you’ve chosen from the packet, and Elizabeth Bishop’s “Questions of Travel.”
  • At least one outside source for each poem. As with Option 1, these will be different kinds of sources, depending on the poem. Scholarly articles are available for “Questions of Travel.” For the contemporary poems, you might use interviews or reviews, or factual information to help you understand some aspect of the poem.
  • You may use more sources if you need them to help your understanding, but don’t try to add sources just to increase your number of sources.
  • All sources should be reliable and professional, though they may be for a popular audience. For example, you will find a lot of student projects on “Because I could not stop for Death,” but those are not reliable, as they are by inexperienced amateurs. Wikipedia is also not an acceptable source for academic work because it isn’t stable and because the authors are unnamed.
  • All the sources should be relevant for the development and support of the thesis.

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